We strongly believe that custom building projects benefit from builder involvement when design, scope and budget decisions are being made. During this Pre-Construction stage, we engage our clients with a Services Agreement that includes a small retainer to cover the cost of estimating. For each phase of the  construction process, we will provide a line-item estimate. Honesty and integrity are our hallmark, and we are 100% transparent with budgeting & pricing. This pre-construction process may also include bidding and assisting in value engineering, product selection, specifications, and permit procurement. Allowances for finishes (if not selected) will be made with input from historical data and with input from Architect/Interior Designer.


One or more members of our team will be onsite daily during construction. WKP project managers are tasked with daily coordination of the work onsite combined with their constant attention to the budget and schedule. A typical project is assigned a Project Manager and an Assistant Project Manager.  We encourage establishing a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with architect, designer, client and builder, but we can also update out-of-state clients on progress through our online portal, BuilderTrend. Here, you will have your own project website and can login to see progress photos, daily logs, to-do items, schedule, etc…  We use Zoom Meeting for video meetings and Dropbox for file sharing.  


WKP Construction utilizes subcontractors who are qualified in the practices of high quality building. We generally use the same group of subs for the core systems of construction for each project. This results in a coordinated team that understands the integration of their work with other systems of the construction. Our subcontractors are eager to work on a WKP project because of our attention to details and our best practices. As a result, their efficiency is improved and this is reflected in fair pricing to our clients.